Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Simcoe is excited to present the first Youth Empowerment Day (YEP) — Taking place on Saturday, Febuary 1st, 2020 at Georgian Bay District Secondary School.  The intention of this FREE day is to provide young people in North Simcoe between the ages of 14 to 18, with life lasting tools that will not only ignite well-being but #ignitepotential in themselves.

YEP Day 2020 programming will consist of inspirational speakers, educational workshops, and informative roundtables. Participants will have the option to choose four workshops out of a possible 9-12 and all participants will get to hear keynote speaker Julie MunschDirector, Special Projects and Equity Partner of and Daughter of Canadian Author Robert Munsch. Content of these workshops will vary from vision boarding and goal setting, developing a personal brand, self esteem & resilience, digital health and wellness, yoga, crossfit, LGBTQ (…), and more! Lunches will be provided for all participants. 

Time will also be dedicated for youth to partake in self care practises such as massage, reiki, and chiropractic care.  With the guidance of community leaders, industry professionals, and youth service providers, youth participants will leave YEP Day feeling empowered and confident that they can advocate for their best possible futures

If you or your child attends one of the following schools, encourage them to fill out our Student Planning Tool by January 21st, 2020 — this tool will help us provide a day that speaks to the needs and interests of the youth attending:

  • Georgian Bay District Secondary School
  • St. Theresa’s Catholic High School
  • Elmvale District High School
  • North Simcoe Learning Centre
  • Simcoe Shores Secondary School
  • Le Caron Secondary School

Sessions Descriptions:

Digital Health & Wellness – Social Media with Chantel Coward (BSc., MSc., PsyD.) (RP) (OACCPP, CRPO) :

When we are resilient, we cope better during or after difficult situations. We ‘bounce back’ when things go wrong. We all need resilience to navigate life’s ups and downs, so building resilience is an important part of development.

YOGA with Kayleigh Quesnelle:

The theme of this practice will focus on letting go of judgement, both your fear of being judged and judging others. We’ll flow through a series of yoga poses keeping confidence and self empowerment at the heart of our practice. It will end with a guided meditation, and brief discussion.

Improvisation with Deanna Palazzo:

In this session, the goal is getting ourselves out of our comfort zone.  Through some basic improv games and more, we will get into the sense of play.  It’s a judgement free zone and a safe space to play.  Deanna has more than 20 years of experience in theatre and improvisation and absolutely loves sharing the art with others.

Extra bit…

Theatre was the catalyst that broke Deanna out of her own shell many years ago so is grateful to share it with other youth to help them step into their power… with a giggle or two along the way!

Resilience – Life is Not Linear – Coping with Adversity with Chantel Coward (BSc., MSc., PsyD.) (RP) (OACCPP, CRPO):

With the uprising of social media sites, there have been many recent studies on the effects of social media on mental health and wellness.  This session focuses on how to best navigate a world dominated by social media.

Goal Setting & Vision Boarding with Dionne Thomson:

Have you ever made a Vision Board or wondered what a Vision Board is? Are you like me and you doubt that cutting out pictures from magazines that you would never read anyway, could somehow help you create a better future? … I mean, it’s got to be more that cut + paste…right???

Yes! You’re right it is way more than cut + paste and fortunately for all of us who enjoy making them, what makes Vision Boards work does not take away from the fun of making them!

Your Vision Board is simply an external picture of what you really want. The magazine cutouts you choose make you feel the feelings you want more of and represent the moments you wish to create in your life. There may be pictures of specific items, places, people…and most importantly the whole Vision Board represents the part of YOU that believes in your Awesomeness! (Trust me, I’ve done this enough time to KNOW that there is a part of you that totally believes that you are AWESOME and a Vision Board can help to pull that out and make it your reality!)

Together we’ll walk through how + why they work and get down to the fun of ripping up magazines, cutting + pasting! Leave the session with your own AWESOME Vision Board and have fun turning your pictures into your reality!

Intro to Fitness with Christian Caba

In this course you will learn the basics of how to start your own Fitness journey and also learn how to perform movements by participating in a full fitness class and 15 minute Trivia game at the end to test your FITNESS TRAINING KNOWLEDGE. This course is perfect for any athlete, or individual looking to move into the career of kinesiology and or fitness entrepreneurship.

Please make your session choices by January 27th to solidify your participation in the day. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us at (705) 526-5051.