Big Brother Big Sister Business

What is it ?

A BBBS Business is either owned or operated by an acting Big Brother/Big Sister or the local business has donated their services, funds, or time to support the work being completed at the agency.

How can I get involved ?

In past we have had local businesses support us through:

  • Providing Sponsorship for our Signature Events: i.e. Don’t Worry Be Appy, The BIG Drop, Showcase of Homes, Sip, Support, Survive, Pancake Breakfasts, etc.
  • In Kind Donations for events such as ingredients, event materials, transportation, space, flowers, etc.
  • Sponsoring programs like Go Girls!, In School Mentoring, 1:1 Matches, & Big Bunches
  • Providing experiences for 1:1 Matches such as tickets to sporting events, concerts, etc.
  •  Provide services to our programming such as Zumba, Yoga, & Cooking Classes to Go Girls.
  •  Providing prizes for events

We need the support of our community to provide impactful intentional mentorship opportunities to our communities young people. We are so grateful when we do receive it; this program is to recognize that support and encourage the act of philanthropic businesses practices.

What do I get in return for my contribution ?

In return for the varying support business owners/operators can expect:

  • Window Sticker: Allowing community members to know that you are a BBBS Business
  • Social Media: A commitment to share posts about your businesses commitment and efforts towards our organization and any other agreed upon media via Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram
  • Recognized at our Annual General Meeting
  • Agreed upon recognition with Sponsorship Level
  • Updates minimum twice a year on the status of our agency and its programming

We are #BiggerTogehter — Check out our Signature Events Sponsorship Options and make your commitment to #ignitingpotential in young people across North Simcoe !

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